出身地: 兵庫県



2011年 住吉大社御鎮座1800年大奉納祭にて演奏し好評を博す。 大阪市南港 ATC・空の広場に毎月’うたのお姉さん’として出演中。その活動が評価されATC館内イベントやMJTVタイアップライブに参加する。

2012年 京都府庁にて、古都コレクションに出演。

2014年 横浜市のイベントにて2000名を越す観客の前で行ったステージパフォーマンスは、独自のスタイルを確立させ熱狂させる。



*2015年、作曲家 中村謙一とタッグを組み、日本文学の朗読と電子音楽を絡めた、-唄と朗読-ろにか堂 を発表。





Akemi Matsumoto is a Japanese singer.

After graduating from Osaka College of Music, she made her opera debut as a member of Kansai Kageki Dan (Kansai Opera Company).

And gradually, she expanded her repertoire into pops, soundtracks, children's songs and her original music as well as classical songs. 


In 2011, she performed at the 1800th Anniversary Celebration of Sumiyoshitaisha Shrine in Osaka and it was a big success.

Also in 2011 (up to the present), she started singing at a monthly event for kids at ATC (Asia and Pacific Trade Center) in Osaka.

As her ability as a singer and an entertainer was acclaimed, she is now performing at many other events there.

In 2012, she appeared in "Koto (ancient city) Collection" at Kyoto Prefectural Office.

Also in 2012, she formed a duo "Nota Rosa" with Takashi, a flamenco guitarist, and "Nota Rosa" has been performing regularly at a wine bar "Anniversary 2001" in Fukushima, Osaka. 

In July of 2014, she performed in a fireworks festival at Yokohama Bay and grooved over 2000 audience wildly.

In September, she released two original albums "Muffin" and "Kimi no Sora ni" (“For your Sky”), and had her first recital at ATC Sunset Hall. All the tickets were sold out!

In December, she had Christmas dinner shows for four days at Hotel Keihanin in Universal Studio Japan.

In 2015, she launched her "killer" project “Ronica-Dou” (“Matsumoto Akemi” meets “Electronica”) with a composer Kenichi Nakamura, and their several concerts were triumphs!

“Ronica-Dou” is trying to combine Japanese classical literature with computer music and "Send the music to the world!" is their ultimate goal, so they are aiming higher and higher.


Hoping to be a singer like sunshine, she always entertains, heals, and relaxes her audience and makes them happy, happier and happiest by her velvety voice! 



 住吉大社 御鎮座1800年大奉納祭



 大阪難波 木津市場

 APAホテルなんば心斎橋様 Xmasディナー

 CAT近畿特別区様 親睦パーティ@ラフェットひらまつ

 APAホテル肥後橋様 レセプションパーティ

 南港ATC@ほーむ寄席 吉本興業の若手漫才師の方々

 ノボテル甲子園様 自主企画・演出


 APAホテル肥後橋様 レセプションパーティ




 横浜市金沢区 サマーフェスタにゲスト出演

    初リサイタル「マツモトアケミ スペシャルコンサート」を、自主企画・演出

    ホテル京阪ユニバーサル・タワー様 マツモトアケミXmasライブショーを4日間開催




 長野県安曇野市 穂高神社


 大阪府池田市立五月山児童文化センター所有 プラネタリウム公演

 大阪市福島区 西善寺